Find your path

Get your confidence back, clarify your project et take action !

This program is for you if:

  • You want to find a job or start a business but you have no idea of what to do or where to start 
  • You are strong and accomplish a lot but you feel you lost a lot of your confidence  
  • You know you have an untapped potential inside and it's time to explore it. 

I am convinced that all life experiences like living abroad are a great opportunity to re-discover and re-invent yourself. 

As a certified coach, I guide you through the process of reconnecting with yourself, revealing your true aspirations and creating your dream activity or apply to your dream job with confidence.

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"Find your path" in 5 steps

Step 1:
I get my energy back

  • My inner fire: what gives me energy and what drains it
  • I wake up my dreams

Step 2:
I clarify what is important for me

  • My values in the past and today
  • My needs, my desires

Step 3:
I map my own unique path

  • Reflection on my past experiences
  • Defining my path
  • Step 4: 
    I get rid of my limiting beliefs

    • Identifying and transforming my limiting beliefs
    • Restoring my confidence

    Step 5: 
    I keep going and enjoy the way !

    • Getting out of my confort zone
    • Mental tips to persevere

    Individual journey

    • From 3 to 8 sessions (1,5 hour to 2h each)
    • Workbook included
    • Mail or text support all along
    1 month
    • 3 sessions
    • Step 1&2 or 4&5
    3 to 4 months
    • 8 sessions 
    • Step 1 to 5

    Group journey

    4 to 6 people

     3 to 4 months, in Caluire

    • 9 worskshops (2 hours each)
    • Workbook included
    • Mail or text support all along

    You speak french and what to start exploring ?

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    26 pages, 5 grandes questions et 6 pages d'exercices.
    En bonus: Trouver son Ikigaï et Trouver le fil rouge de sa vie.

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