One on one coaching

  • Right in the middle of a culture shock?
  • You made the leap to move abroad but now you feel you’ve lost your bearings?
    You left your friends and relatives, your community and colleagues and you struggle 
    in your new environment?
  • You just want to feel better 

One on one sessions

by skype, phone or in person in Lyon

110€ per 1-hour session 
300€ for 3 sessions

Accompagnement individuel

Après une longue période d'introspection, j'ai identifié des pistes d'évolution professionnelle pour être plus en adéquation avec mes aspirations. Avant de me lancer, j'ai eu le besoin de confirmer la voie que j'avais identifiée avec un professionnel, c'est à ce moment là que j'ai fait appel à Juliette.

Son accompagnement dans des exercices originaux m'a d'une part fait sortir de ma zone de confort et permis de mettre l'accent sur mes valeurs. D'autre part, cette expérience m'a surtout appris que la réponse était en nous, que personne ne peut décider pour nous dans ce chemin de reconversion. C'est un déclic que j'ai eu grâce à la position très professionnelle de Juliette qui m'a accompagnée avec beaucoup de bienveillance sans jamais émettre de jugement ou d'opinion, sans jamais valider ou remettre en question ce que je souhaitais réaliser. C'est une belle leçon dans la quête de soi, merci !


Accompagnement individuel

Par ta patience et ta hauteur de vue sur les evenements, tu m'as d'abord aidée à relativiser mon souci de reconversion alors que j'étais en conflit professionnel.

J'ai trouvé mon ikigai grâce a une véritable "maieutique" que tu m'as aidée à opérer.

Cette réflexion a nourri mes entretiens de recrutement ulterieurs, jusqu'à l'obtention d'un nouveau poste à l'âge de 59 ans. Je recommande ta méthode a mes proches.


Accompagnement individuel

I returned to France after 18 years in the US. Such a transition has come with great opportunities but just as many frustrations. I quickly fell into a spiral of negativity and loss of confidence and didn't know where to turn. Serendipitously, I met Juliette and took part in 3 coaching sessions that turned everything around. Juliette knows just the right questions to ask, has great advice and suggestions, and helped me find myself and a sense of confidence I thought was lost somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.
What makes Juliette different than other coaches? The fact that she is French but has spent time as an expat herself in the US made all of our exchanges truly authentic because I knew she really understood my needs. Through visualization techniques, she really helped me regain a positive outlook and I've been able to push forward with projects with more energy and less self-doubt.
A bit over a year later, things have really turned around and Juliette's coaching was definitely a huge helping factor: I found the confidence to continue applying for jobs and finally found one! My boyfriend and I bought a house, got engaged, and are getting married very soon!
Whenever things feel overwhelming by being a transplant here in Lyon, I try to take a deep breath and think back to my coaching sessions. The visualisation techniques that Juliette shared with me continue to prove helpful in so many situations! I also keep up with Juliette through her many blog posts which are always insightful and helpful.
I recommend Juliette 100%!!!

Jessica ... Franco-américaine

Atelier Ikigaï + 3 séances indiduelles

I am a very visual person. Visualizing & manifesting have become important parts of my daily routines now. Putting my dreams and visions on paper or on a visionboard makes them become more real, at least in my head. Then the magic happens.

I start to plan, take the first steps, meet the right people.
The workshop 'Find your Ikigai' by Juliette in Lyon last summer was a real turnaround point for me.
During the session I needed to structure my thoughts and values, explain them and at the end of the day I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to work in the holistic field and work with food and sustainability. I didn't know yet how, but I knew what. And now I have this wonderful feed and I am almost finished with my Institute for Integrative Nutrition course.

Sarah-Lena Smutny ... The slow mundane

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